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10 March 2000 The dotcom bubble bursts.

8 March 2001 spiked is officially launched.

12 March 2001 Britain grinds to a halt amid the Foot and Mouth panic. spiked says get a grip.

12 September 2001 Mick Hume argues that the 9/11 terror attacks won’t change history but the fearful reaction to them might.

8 October 2001 spiked opposes the pointless but deadly war on Afghanistan as a ‘militarised displacement activity’ from America’s domestic malaise.

22 August 2002 spiked criticises the latest outburst of ‘public emotionalism’, over the Soham Murders, as ‘decidedly infantile’.

24 September 2002 Brendan O’Neill coins the term ‘dodgy dossier’ referring to the 50 pages of ‘irrefutable evidence’ used to justify the Iraq War.

15 February 2003 spiked argues that the ‘not in my name’ protests against the war on Iraq show ‘isolated individuals expressing angst with British politics’ rather than any principled opposition to war.

3 April 2003 The SARS panic in perspective: fear, not disease, has put Hong Kong in quarantine.

11 March 2004 Following the latest terror attacks, in Madrid, spiked observes a ‘strange sense of solidarity’, where people were ‘uncertain as to who they are uniting against and even less sure of what they are standing up for’.

7 June 2004 Brendan O’Neill reveals the death of an obese toddler in a London hospital was far from a simple case of death by gluttony, as a parliamentary committee had claimed.

30 July 2004 Rob Lyons exposes ‘Britain’s top nutritionist’ Dr Gillian McKeith as not, as many assumed, a medical doctor, but the holder of a correspondence-course PhD.

2 November 2004 George W Bush is re-elected as US president amid a clamour of hysterical Bush-bashing. spiked describes it as a kind of rebellion against the snobby East Coast elite.

29 December 2004 Following the horrifying tsunami in South Asia, Mick Hume argues that the worst thing humanity could do would be to become more humble in the face of nature.

5 May 2005 New Labour celebrates its third successive election win but it’s the voter disengagement that is truly historic.

13 July 2005 spiked says the 7/7 London terrorist bombings reveal Londoners’ resilience, not the weakness assumed by the ‘Culture of Fear vultures’.

2 September 2005 spiked attacks the ‘we-told-you-so’ glee following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

23 May 2006 spiked has a new look but the same take-no-prisoners attitude.

2 August 2006 The Israel-Lebanon war is less a traditional clash over territory and more like the continuation of the politics of identity by other means.

16 October 2006 Josie Appleton calls for a halt to the ever-expanding culture of vetting in the UK.

16 November 2006 spiked welcomes eco-columnist Ethan Greenhart. First column looks at the most ethical way to commit suicide. His columns are later published as a book by Hodder & Stoughton.

29 January 2007 Mick Hume hands over editorship of spiked to Brendan O’Neill, and becomes editor-at-large.

16 May 2007 The tragic abduction of four-year-old Madeleine McCann is being turned into ‘a metaphor for the alleged vulnerability of all our children’, intensifying the ‘irrational mood of paedophile-phobia’, argues spiked.

17 May 2007 Against an industry trend of scaling back book reviews, spiked launches its own review of books.

27 June 2007 spiked fails to join in the love-in for new prime minister Gordon Brown, calling him ‘illiberal, miserly, curmudgeonly and a coward’.

1 July 2007 The UK joins the illiberal global crusade against the ‘evil weed’.

5 September 2007 spiked bids a sad farewell to inspirational British revolutionary Dave Hallsworth.

18 September 2007 First run on a British bank for a century ‘confirms the fragile, almost fictitious basis of our credit-fuelled financial economy’.

14 February 2008 In advance of the Beijing Olympics, spiked launches a campaign to challenge China-bashing.

28 May 2008 After years of struggle, the elected constituent assembly in Nepal voted to abolish the Nepalese monarchy, an act spiked hailed as a great day for democracy.

10 June Ahead of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty, spiked launches its campaign, For Europe, against the EU.

15 September 2008 Following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, spiked warns a risk-averse outlook is as big a threat as dodgy dealers.

5 November 2008 Obama’s election as US president is a victory for passion over cynicism, says spiked, but Obama’s big ideas are notable by their absence.

12 November 2008 Jennie Bristow argues against the government using the Baby P case as a springboard for spreading suspicion.

5 January 2009 Mick Hume observes the lack of strategic aims on both sides in the War in Gaza. Tim Black argues the anti-war movement is more about victimhood than brotherhood.

23 February 2009 Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, one of the first to challenge the MMR-autism scare, celebrates the final slaying of this junk science.

19 May 2009 spiked warns of the undemocratic forces milking the UK’s MPs’ expenses scandal.

29 June 2009 Following the death of Michael Jackson, Andrew Calcutt argued Jacko was a product of our Wacko culture.

21 December 2009 After the Copenhagen climate talks fall apart, spiked launches ‘Hands off the human footprint!’, an alternative approach.

18 January 2010 The slow delivery of aid to Haitians following the earthquake suggests even saving lives has been subordinated to risk-aversion.

19 April 2010 The closure of airports following the Icelandic volcano eruption is ‘a product of officialdom’s apocalyptic thinking’.

6 May 2010 The UK General Election is momentous not because of who won, but for confirming the rise of a new political oligarchy.

12 July 2010 Brendan O’Neill spent seven days in Tibet, finding it stuck between a patronising Western view of ‘Shangri-La’ and Chinese authoritarianism.

27 July 2010 spiked says Wikileaks’ information dump won’t tell us The Truth about Afghanistan.

24 August 2010 As Australians turn their back on the Labor party during the 2010 election, spiked looks at the collapse of social democracy.

1 November 2010 spiked declares war on the illiberal Nudge industry.

24 January 2011 Amid the collapse of Ireland’s party of government, Fianna Fáil, spiked attacked the democracy-bypassing role of EU bureaucrats.

22 February 2011 Brendan O’Neill outlines why Libya’s revolt will shake the world.

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