The ‘cat killer’ case reveals the depravity of trans ideology

We are indulging the delusions of even the most dangerous and mentally unstable criminals.

Lauren Smith

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The gruesome case of Scarlet Blake really should have been the last straw. We have become all too numb to the way the police, the courts and the media have adopted the preferred pronouns of dangerous and predatory men. How male perverts, paedophiles and rapists are now routinely treated as women, based on their self-declared identities. You might have hoped that the sheer depravity of Blake’s crimes, and the depths of his mental delusions, would jolt our elites into sanity. But you’d be wrong. In the wall-to-wall coverage of Blake’s crimes, he is consistently referred to as a ‘woman’.

Last week, 26-year-old Blake was found guilty of murdering 30-year-old Jorge Martin Carreno. One night in July of 2021, Blake came across Carreno while he was on a night out in Oxford, and lured him to a secluded riverbank. Blake then hit this complete stranger over the head with a bottle of vodka, strangled him, then pushed him into the river to drown.

For two years, Carreno’s murder went unsolved. Coroners and Thames Valley Police officers speculated that Carreno had killed himself or had simply fallen into the water while drunk. But Carreno’s friends and family found this hard to accept. It was only when, in 2023, police received a mysterious phone call from a transgender escort in Texas that the truth about Carreno’s death came to light.

The escort was Ashlynn Bell, Blake’s former partner. Bell told the police how, after the pair got into an argument, Blake divulged the grisly details of the murder.

Like Bell, Blake was born male but identified as a woman. The two also shared a morbid fascination with violence and death. They talked incessantly about their urges to harm themselves and others. Bell also had an extensive collection of guns and an interest in Nazi memorabilia. They shared memes in Discord servers about their obsessions with various female serial killers and mass shooters. According to the prosecution, Blake felt ‘sexual gratification’ from the idea of killing.

Even more disturbingly, Bell revealed that, only four months before killing Carreno, Blake had filmed a video of himself mutilating and dissecting a neighbour’s cat. Shockingly, he smiled and laughed as he put the cat’s body through a blender.

Clearly, these depraved acts were the product of a deeply disturbed mind. During the trial, the court heard about the full scale of Blake’s mental-health issues. He has been diagnosed with depression. He claimed that he suffers from some kind of multiple-personality disorder (although no professional has confirmed this). He regularly called himself ‘we’ or ‘us’ and used different names to refer to his different personas.

Blake even told jurors that one of his personas was a cat. Literally. To demonstrate this, he meowed at the jury. He also meowed during the video where he murdered his neighbour’s cat.

Prior to this, when he was arrested, Blake told officers that he was microchipped, like a cat would be. He explained that they could scan the chip to find all his details. Shockingly, this actually turned out to be true. There was a pet microchip implanted in his chest.

This week, Blake was sentenced to life in prison. Thankfully, he will be housed in a high-security men’s prison and not in a female estate, as so often happens with trans-identifying criminals.

But while the prison system is thankfully not treating Blake as a woman, the media have overwhelmingly bowed down to his delusions about his gender. Headlines from the Mirror, Sky News and the Independent all talked about the ‘“Cat killer” woman’. In some reports of Blake’s crimes, like ITV’s, you’ll have to get several paragraphs in before there is any mention that this ‘woman’ is trans. Most reports – including on BBC News – do not mention this at all. He is presented simply as a ‘woman’, without qualification.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Blake is mentally disturbed and delusional. No one has felt compelled to describe him as a ‘cat’, despite the fact he sometimes identifies as one. No one has felt the need to acknowledge the other personas that he claims he shares his head with. And yet, almost the entire mainstream media have happily repeated his equally false claim that he is a woman and not a man.

Herein lies the madness of the trans ideology. It asks us to ignore biological reality. And instead, it expects us to pander to the fantasies of even the most dangerous and mentally unstable criminals. The grim case of the cat killer surely has to be the limit.

Lauren Smith is a staff writer at spiked.

Picture by: Thames Valley Police.

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